TV Work Experience


Waterfront TV – Various

In my time in the Radio and Television Arts program (2014 – 2016), we broadcast seventeen episodes of Waterfront TV. Each episode aired on Eastlink TV and all episodes are available online. In my first year, I worked in a variety of roles such as camera operator (jib, studio and ENG), graphics, autocue, switcher and audio, as well as various shadow positions. In second year, I was one of only five TV majors, so I was able to work in significant roles each week; Director, Producer, Production Assistant, Floor Director and ENG Camera Operator (shooting on Panasonic 170 and 370 cameras). You can see a variety of my work in the videos menu. 


TSN – National Skating Championships – Camera Operator

While working at the National Skating Championships in January 2016, I used a Canon VIXIA HF R30 to film the rehearsals of various skating groups, both singles and pairs. The purpose of my footage was to allow the director to shot-block different routines for the live event(s) later that day. This required me to shoot as a close-follow camera so that the director could identify what was being done in the routine and where on the rink the skaters are located. 


RPM Productions – Technical Intern

I spent two weeks are RPM Productions as a technical intern in December of 2015. RPM is a small production house that creates both commercial and corporate videos, as well as music documentaries. While I was there, between approximately eight on-going projects, I managed to witness, and in some cases assist in every stage of production. I was also given the opportunity to create and organize as comprehensive casting database, in order to help make future production casting more efficient. I was camera operator for auditions, assisted on shoots both inside and outside of the studio, assisted with scripts and shadowed editors, producers and the audio engineer.

Evaluation – December 2015
Evaluation – May 2016


2015 – Producer

In 2015 for the Christmas Daddies Telethon I was the student producer for the NSCC Waterfront production. This required me to manage over thirty student participants in a variety of roles, create and delegate the responsibilities of a social media crew for the lead-up and production day and liaise with Christmas Daddies and CTV. I created multiple schedules and crew lists for days leading up to and day of the production, maintained contact with performers and suppliers of decorations. Liaised with the student association, NSCC security, organized gear, food shipments. I also created signage, student credentials and DVD cases. On the day of I stayed in direct contact with CTV Atlantic and all of the participating boroughs in order to cue NSCC crew and directors. 

2014 – Production Assistant, Scripting Assistant, Floor Director

For the 2014 Christmas Daddies telethon, I volunteered at the NSCC Waterfront. I acted as production assistant and scripting assistant as well as floor director. As a production and scripting assistant, I shot-blocked multiple songs, communicated with talent, timed songs and instrumental breaks and served as the second set of eyes for the director. As floor director, I served as the liaison between the control room and the performance area, cuing the musical talent to begin for performance, let CTV hosts know the format of the throws, confirmed arrivals and departures of performers and maintained quiet, control and order in the performance theatre. My hard work and professionalism during this year’s telethon, resulted in me becoming the student producer for the 2015 telethon at the campus.



BGM – Canadian Country Music Awards – Talent Wrangler

I spent a weekend in September of 2015 working as a talent wrangler at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After being paired with a performing artist, I was required to set up their dressing room and make sure they arrived to their seats, stage, dressing room, green carpet, press room and anywhere else they were required to be, on time and ready. I worked as a part of a large team to make sure that the show moved smoothly and without error. 


CTV Atlantic – Technical Intern

I spent four weeks in May 2015, as a technical intern at CTV Atlantic. While there I spilt my time between three different shifts in order to get the full experience of what the new station did there; the early morning show Canada Morning Live, the afternoon CTV News at Noon, and evening CTV News at 5, CTV News at 6 and CTV News Atlantic Evening News. While there I shadowed as many jobs I could. I went out on multiple news stories with different  ENG camera operators and reporters, functioning as a camera assistant, learning many useful techniques. I shadowed editors using the Velocity ESX editing system, and used all the free time I had practicing with it. I also sat in with graphics operator, audio technicians and technical directors. 


NSCC – Multicultural Festival – Technical Director/Switcher

In March of 2015, I worked as the technical director for the Multicultural Festival. This campus wide event as filmed and broadcast throughout the closed circuit of the school. I was in charge of assuring that the four camera production was technically perfect (or as perfect as one can be when doing a live production), fixing any issues that came along. I was also the switcher for the show, helping the director to decide which shots to send to program.



Special Olympics Festival – Video Producer 

In January 2015, the Special Olympics Organization once again contacted NSCC to create a series of videos honouring the athletes and volunteers. I worked with six editors, a studio film crew, cast two voice over artists and acted as liaison between them and the Special Olympics Organization, to assure fidelity to the SOO brand. Together we created nine separate videos that celebrated individuals, but remained consistent in terms of music, aesthetics and tone. 

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Eastlink TV – Halifax Rainmen Basketball Games – Various

Throughout 2014 and 2015 I volunteered for various Halifax Rainmen Games in a variety of roles. While acting as camera operator, I worked as bot wide and tight follow, I was camera assistant for the handheld camera, floor director and was the switcher for a four camera game; many of these jobs I did multiple times throughout the season.

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Eastlink TV – Hants County Christmas Angels – Various

In December of 2014 I volunteered at the Hants County Christmas Angels telethon. While there I performed the roles of graphics operator and camera operator, both a studio camera as well as handheld. 


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