Non TV Work Experience


Crimson Security – Doorman (Supervisor – Team Leader) 
June 2013 – November 2015

In my position at Crimson Security, I am responsible for maintaining safety and security of the establishment and all of its inhabitants. Although I have worked at special events around the city, typically, the venue in which I work is either a bar, restaurant, party boat or hotel. The duties and roles change each shift as we have rotating staff and venues, however, as a general rule, my responsibilities tend to consist of properly checking IDs of patrons, assessing the safety and sobriety of all our clientele, liaising with police, fire marshals, and liquor inspectors, crowd control, frisking female patrons and conducting bag checks in search of contraband, deescalating possibly volatile or violent situations and first aid, as needed. At Crimson we pride ourselves on having a customer service based attitude even in the harshest of circumstances. This means that unlike other security companies, we are aware of the fact that most situations can be resolved quickly and calmly and that force is always a last resort. We are trained and prepared to deal with any situation, but we would always prefer that every person who leaves an event with us only ever felt safe and protected. 

Upon being promoted to Team Leader, I took on the responsibility of communicating with my team of fourteen on a weekly basis – getting their weekly availability, checking in to make sure that their shifts the past week went well, requesting written reports if need be, and dealing with various issues that they may be having in their position and rectifying them. I also take on the responsibility of taking small teams out to venues outside of our usual areas to assist other local security companies when they need assistance.


Partys R Us – Website Copywriter and Clerk
October 2010 – June 2013 

In this position, I became familiar with the over 1800 items that we carried in the store. For each of these items I wrote a comprehensive description, uploaded useful and accurate photo(s) and linked and organized items in such a way as to make online shopping experience easy and enjoyable. By doing so I helped to make the website look more professional and complete.

I was also a clerk and key-holder within the store. My duties included but were not limited to: assisting customers, completing orders for personal and corporate events, maintaining order and organization within the store, inventory control, liaising with local business concerning various events, as well as opening and closing the store. I was also responsible for creating and maintaining a comprehensive and effective inventory system.

September 2011 – December 2011 

In this position I was responsible for marking tests, creating group study sessions, writing work materials as well as meeting and advising students for three first-year English courses. A bulk of my work with this professor was doing research for the course. I spent a great deal of time looking for various outside resources that would help to enrich the student’s experience and understanding of the materials through different mediums.

Rogers Communications – Supervisor and Key Holder
December 2007 – October 2010 

While I began work at Rogers Plus as a customer service representative, I was promoted to supervisor within one year, making me responsible for four other employees. In this capacity, I ran shifts, assigned tasks to fellow staff members, dealt with sensitive issues with customers, managed inventory, maintained the stores appearance, took cell phone bill payments. opened and closed the store, made daily deposits to the bank and balanced cash registers. I also maintained a customer service focused attitude while assisting customers with appropriate film and game titles.