About Me

After graduating from Saint Mary’s University in 2012, I, like most twenty-two year old’s was unsure of what to do with the rest of my life. After continuing to work a retail job for a couple years, my ‘I need to adult now‘ drive kicked in. I found out about the Radio and Television Arts program and I immediately applied. Now, two years later, I am wrapping up my last year of the program, ready to get started in the industry that I love.

While all aspects of production excite me, I have found that my strengths lie in producing, editing and shooting. Ideally I hope to find work here at home in Nova Scotia doing just that. So please check out my work and contact me if you are so inclined. I’m new to the industry so I’m not super expensive!

– R.T.

Contact: rktarasco@gmail.com, @rktarasco on twitter